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In 1980, Metaalwarenfabriek LEWO (LEusden-WOudenberg) was founded with the objective of making customised high-value flue gas discharge channels and chimney systems from stainless steel. A conscious choice was made to use stainless steel. In the application of flue gas discharge systems, no other material can surpass the durability, suitability and system density of stainless steel.

The expertise and processes of the small workshop soon proved to be successful, also partly due to bad experiences of the specialist trade with foreign systems made from aluminium and galvanized steel, demand was created for a reliable, standardised flue gas discharge system with the same, now renowned, LEWO quality.

In 1984, we launched our own line of flue gas discharge channels under the name HOLETHERM. Pipes, curves, roofing plates, draught regulator valves and all necessary mounting hardware could be supplied. Good, affordable products, not from the far east, but from our own country. This proved to be a great success.

In 2007, the combination LEWO - HOLETHERM was sold to a new owner, who had been in a business relationship with us for many years. By not compromising on quality, with well trained staff and with continued investment in the latest production technology, in the years that followed, the product range was continuously improved and expanded.

Holetherm is characterised by:

Exceeding standards

Discharge of flue gases is all about certainty and safety. With respect to this, HOLETHERM never compromises. We leave nothing to chance. Therefore, we ensure that in production and in the final inspection, our products exceed the standards.

Thin-walled pipes

HOLETHERM only supplies thin-walled pipes (0.4 or 0.5 mm). This is a conscious choice, because a thin-walled tube is lighter and, therefore, easier to assemble. In addition, there is better 'draught' in the thin-walled pipe and more heat dissipation occurs when a single-walled tube is installed in a living / working space.

Top quality

Holetherm products are excellent quality. They are produced in the heart of the Netherlands, by people who know their profession. They are manufactured with the latest production technology. HOLETHERM easily fulfils all applicable safety requirements and quality marks.

Clearly innovative

For a long time, HOLETHERM was the only Dutch manufacturer of laser-welded, laser-cut pipes. The advantage: consistent quality of the flue gas discharge systems manufactured by HOLETHERM. From the first to the last product of the series, regardless of the number. A large part of the production is automated. In this way, HOLETHERM produces quickly and efficiently and the products are consistently high quality.

Excellent insulation

Double-walled products make use of HOLETHERM Insulfrax (ceramic blanket) as insulation. The Insulfrax blanket provides more uniform and better insulation than mineral wool or insulation granules and can withstand extremely high temperatures. It is not only more durable, but also safer because uniform insulation provides better protection against chimney fires.


HOLETHERM offers a ten to thirty (!) Year Guarantee, depending on the system you choose, provided the products are properly installed by qualified installation company.

Special work is finished quickly

Despite the extensive HOLETHERM range, installers sometimes need special work, such as adapters, which can connect our products to other brands. No problem. Custom products can be delivered within a few days.

Extensive range

The HOLETHERM range is particularly extensive. You will find almost everything you, as an installer, need. Moreover, we have all our products in stock. Orders can be delivered quickly.

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