Double-walled Concentric ()

  • lenghts and bends
  • passage- and roof fittings
  • connectors and fasteners


127800length 1000mmmore information
127801length 500 mmmore information
127803length 250 mmmore information
127804Adjustable lengthmore information
127805Elbow 30°more information
127806Elbow 45°more information
127807Elbow 90°more information
127808Elbow 15°more information
127891Measuring elementmore information
127845Inspection length 250 mmmore information
1278071Inspection elbow 90°more information
1278231Roof flashing 0°-10°more information
1278241Roof flashing 5°-25°more information
1278221Lead roof flashing 20°-45°more information
1278321Lead roof flashing 45°-60°more information
1278291Guy wire bandmore information
127851Roofterminalmore information
127855Renovation setmore information
127853Wallterminalmore information
127890Increaser 100-150 / 130-200more information
127814Adaptormore information
12781480Increaser (80-100/150)more information
1278161Stormcollarmore information
1278171Wall bandmore information
1278181Roof supportmore information
1278191Ceiling supportmore information
1278201Firestop flatmore information
1278211Firestop pitchedmore information
127828Locking bandmore information

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